Mid-70s-late 80s I played in various bands, notably Immune System and Poison Squirrel, groups that influenced the nascent Wicker Park scene of that era. I then moved to New York and did demos there.
I still write and plan to record again in the near future.
picture of King Cormack holding a Gibson Les Paul

my beloved 62 Gibson SG

Poison Squirrel: It's All Fire

Poison Squirrel: Listen to Me

Glass Planet: Julie

Solo 90s
Thats Why I Married You

Falling Down

photos by Mark Battrell, Donna Preis-Siede, Anne Fishbein and Suzanne Endsley

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picture of Chicago new wave band Poison Squirrel in 1981

Poison Squirrel

45rpm singles

picture of Chicago new wave band Immune System in 1979

Immune System

Chicago alternative band Glass Planet in 1982

Glass Planet

Immune System 45rpm single 1979
logo of Chicago new wave band Poison Squirrel

Poison Squirrel live at MoMing 1979

Poison Squirrel live at Triton 1980