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My dad gave me Andrew Loomis' "Fun With A Pencil".
His mother gave me a Zenith bakelite radio with a dial that glowed in the night. I was hooked. I drew and painted and  sang and took pictures and awaited the coming of the
personal computer and the flying car.

I collected stuff: comics, graphics, guitars. I loved signage
and packaging. Despairing of ever "getting" the fine art world,
I considered sign painting. I still have my mahl stick.

In the 1970s, electronic arts were big. Video and audio synths, generative systems. At art school I studied sound and image composition using non-trad methods, cutting, pasting, coloring, using polaroids and pinholes and searched arcades for photo-booths to commandeer.

a collage print made by the Haloid Xerox processI also played music. Started as a kid, got a real Gibson at 16, a Fender at 17 and didn't look back. My teen band chops were useful during the so-called New Wave period when
I manned the trenches of the  music biz.

strip of photobooth pictures taken in 1976 in San FranciscoI went to New York with my music demos. The early 80s was still a rough and funky time. I did some performance and music in the East Village  and song demos in the 90s. But Gotham chewed-up my show-biz schemes. and I adapted my stage experience to prosaic audio-visual work.

Since the dawn of digital I surfed the wave along with everyone else and found the tool I'd been seeking in Photoshop. For the last 20 years I have been using it to assemble what's contained in this site.

In 2000 I went to San Francisco and after stumbling through the dot-com implosion
returned to the land of my tribe, Chicago.this is a gouache painting of St Jude called Holy Card #1

This site displays primarily my visual art. I write actively, but haven't recorded in a long time so for fun I'm putting up some oldies and glory
days video. Also some poetry and lyrics for you literate types.

I welcome your feedback via my
Contact page.

King Cormack



photobooth strip

Oakland CA 1976

Haloid Xerox print Chicago IL 1977

Holy Card #1 gouache on board
New York NY 1986